Award winners for our summer movies4movies film festival will be announced via our Facebook page on Saturday, July 15!

Why do we announce the winners in advance of the actual festival? We believe this allows our filmmakers to promote their wins and screenings. Additionally, we will be showing films for 13 hours straight on August 19 – there’s no time for a formal award ceremony. Awards will be presented at the screening of the award winning films.

Our awards are silver medals with our logo on the front and engraved with the winning category, title of the film and date on the back. They come from Loria Awards of Yonkers, NY – we do our best to patronize and promote local businesses!

So, tune in to our Facebook page throughout the day on Saturday to find out the winners. Awards will be given in following categories:

Best Overall Film

Best Feature Film

Best Short Film

Best Feature Documentary

Best Short Documentary

Best Local Film

Best Ladies’ Short Film

Also, we will be awarding our first grant! Any surplus funds from running the festival, we award in grants to filmmakers. Filmmakers just have to submit a one page description of the film the money would benefit. Then, our award committee reviews the submissions and decides who would benefit most from the award. This season’s grant is $66. As filmmakers ourselves, we know every little bit helps!


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