In addition to running movies4movies, I am a filmmaker myself. I’ve been through the film festival circuit so I know the ins-and-outs. Here’s a quick guide to being a good participant in a film festival, especially if your film has been selected to screen:

1. Keep in mind, you’re not the only one. You’re not the only selection. movies4movies is screening over 9 hours of film on August 19. That’s 30 selections. That’s a lot of films and people to wrangle. Please be patient with us. Please include the name of your film with all of your correspondence.

2. Read the film festival’s website and social media before asking the film festival a question. For example, don’t email me to ask what time your specific film is screening when the schedule is available on the website or where your film is screening.

3. Follow directions. As there are lots of films screening, if the festival asks that a film be delivered in a certain format, please adhere to their protocol – they’ve done it that way for a reason. And, I know for a fact that other festivals are MUCH more strict when it comes to their protocols than we are.

4. If we ask for something, give it to us. It’s not helpful if we ask for assistance with your film download and you answer “no one else has had a problem”. If we’re asking, that means me and my technical team have troubleshot it on our end and now need your assistance.

5. Remember, we don’t get paid for this. My staff and I are volunteers. Please be patient with us and assist us when we request it.

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