Why we don’t give Fee Waivers

June 16 is the deadline for our summer film festival…that means my inbox is blowing up with requests for fee waivers from filmmakers all over the world. Some are respectful…others not so much. [PRO-TIP: If you’re conducting business correspondence, and emailing the director of a film festival IS business correspondence, do not fill your plea with GIFs and emojis. And when I say no and offer you a generous discount, don’t say that’s not enough with more GIFs.]

So, why do we charge entry fees for our film festival? Why doesn’t movies4movies offer fee waivers?

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMINS. Not for the movies4movies staff, but for everyone else:

Location fees.
Location permits.
Social Media.
DVD production.
Projectors and Screens.
Programs and other printables.
Garbage bags and other incidentals.

Additionally, movies4movies would like to eventually compensate its staff and judges for the endless hours they dedicate to our festival.

Currently, the movies4movies film festival is solely supported by entry fees. The movies4movies film festival is FREE for our audience to attend…giving us audiences of almost 200 at our competition film festivals – meaning more viewers for your films! The mission of movies4movies is to have your movie be seen!

Other film festivals offer fee waivers but their goals are different – they make money off of tickets sales and have big sponsors to defray the cost of operating the festival.

So, we want to show your film! We’re filmmakers ourselves – we know that entry fees are expensive! However, if you ask us for a fee waiver, we won’t give you one.

movies4movies at the DigiAwards

movies4movies has partnered with the Mercy College Digital Storytelling Learning Community to present a block of films by Mercy College students. Last night, the Mercy College Digital Storytelling Learning Community held an award ceremony where 40 films were celebrated for their achievements. Winners will be screened at our May 21 film festival. Congratulations to these talented your filmmakers!

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