movies4movies film festival Spring 2017 was held Sunday, May 21 from 1-5pm at the Dobbs Ferry Public Library.

1:00 pm – Making the Documentary Film
with screenings of short documentaries by award-winning Documentarian Denise Dragiewicz and local documentary filmmakers Renzo Adler and Rishi Gandhi

Chocolate in the Jungle Denise Dragiewicz

Clips from Project Retail and Muay Thai Nation Renzo Adler and Rishi Gandhi

2:00 pm – So you want to make a movie?
A screening of short films followed by a discussion with filmmakers Tania Jeudy and Cary Patrick Martin

Portrait of Me Tania Jeudy

Work-in-Progress Coffee and a Donut Cary Patrick Martin

3:00 pm – Digital Storytelling from Mercy College
A block of films by Mercy College students

Black and White Filtered Rainbows Lilandra Turull

Belize Samantha Martinez

Environmental Sustainability Amanda Cruz

It Ain’t How Hard You Hit Steve Hirsh

Math & Photography Alexis Susman

My Life with Aspergers Alfred John Tignonsini

PTSD: My Daily Struggle Sasha Baranov

Tarantula Molly Simmons and Melody Masionet

Digital Storytelling Learning Community Faculty: Matt Lewis, Ilene Rothschild, Mustafa Sakarya & Sabrina Timperman

4:30 pm – A networking reception at Harper’s Restaurant and Bar across the street from the library.