Methodology: movies4movies judges its submissions based on the following criteria: Originality/Creativity, Direction, Writing, Cinematography, Performances, Production Value, Pacing, Structure,  and Sound/Music.

Thank you to our talented and diverse group of judges for taking the time to carefully consider all of our submissions for our February 25 winter installment of movies4movies.

Chris Bohinski
If you have a stage, Chris Bohinski will perform on it. Living in New York City, Chris spends his time pursuing the arts (acting, singing, musical improv) and working behind-the-scenes in television production. Bohinski also created & moderates the smile mission NYC Smile 4 Me, where interviews are based around the question “What makes you smile?”. Some recent notable achievements of Chris’s have been speaking roles on National Geographic’s “Breakthrough Series” and Discovery Science’s “Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman”, two live appearances on NBC’s The Today Show, and a cover story in The New York Post. Chris encourages you to follow @NYCSmile4Me on social media to watch his #SmileStory interviews that have featured Morgan Freeman, Bette Midler, Kelly Ripa, & so many others! 🙂

Timothy Deery
Tim is the host of the monthly film series “Cult Classic Movie Night” (IG: @CultClassicMovieNight) at Dobbs Ferry Library.  He appeared in the upcoming 2017 feature film Jonny’s Sweet Revenge, the 2016 documentary The Ends of New York: Fort Washington, the film The Devil’s Own, and TV series The Mysteries of Laura.  He has performed voiceovers for local advertisers and sketch comedy at various venues including The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, The People’s Improv Theater, and Piano’s.

Tania Jeudy Doykin
Tania is a producer and the founder of Genix Productions. She is a producer for the Filipino-American news magazine, “I Am Pinoy, Proud Ako.” She has worked in conjuction with Empyre productions on the docu-series, “Artist Space.”

Nancy King
Nancy has been a fan of independent and foreign language films since seeing Walkabout in 1971. On the periphery of the film industry, Nancy has attended two Academy Awards ceremonies. As the Westchester resident, she is thrilled to be a judge in the first Dobbs ferry film festival!

Tim S. Lorge, gent
Tim Lorge, a native of Turnersville, NJ is a writer, photographer, filmmaker and film producer. He currently serves as the Official Photographer of The Playground Experiment, a New York City based theater development company. HE is a member of the Dramtists Guild, Raindance and the Independent Filmmaker Project. His most notable works include the plays “Modern Love”, “Family Snapshot” and “The Ballad of Maggie and Ian.” He currently has multiple film and web projects in various stages of production. Tim splits his time between New York City and the beautiful Hudson Valley with his wife, Stephanie and daughter Katy.

Emmy Potter
Emmy Potter is an actor, writer, and producer based in New York City.  She has appeared in numerous short films (including Sena Studios’ A Good Assistant), comedy sketches, plays, and cabarets and is a frequent guest co-host on the podcast Comic News Insider.  Emmy has written for the IFC Channel and arts/culture website Culture Sonar.  She also serves as a preliminary script adjudicator for the Storytellers Initiative pilot competition at SeriesFest.  She is currently at work on scripts for the comedy webseries, Friends After Fat Camp, and an as-yet-untitled hour drama pilot.

Wasan Syananondh
Wasan is a clerk at the Dobbs Ferry Public Library and a film buff. Check out his instagram @wasansy to see what he’s watching!

Jay Varney
A graduate of Binghamton University, Jay Varney is an artist and curator working out of New York City. He is known for his dramatic landscapes created by using broad strokes, drips and runs. His involvement in the arts goes beyond his painting, though. An annual participant in the Sparrow Film Project, Jay is always exploring different mediums and forms of expression. His is currently working with the NYC art community to host montly art shows and events under his organization, Jettison Art Group.